Babies: Special Delivery Episode 208 / Urgent Care

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Every day, almost 11,000 babies are born in the United States. That's one every 8-seconds. But every three-and-a-half minutes, a baby is born with complications. From the very minor to the most serious, multiple births, pre-term births, low birth weights, and a variety of birth defects affect the delivery and health of more experiences pregnancy complications. These cases require Special Delivery.

Special Delivery is a series of forty-six one-hour multi-segment documentary-style programs that will explore the drama of real-life pregnancies and the moment of delivery.

From the high-risk maternity ward at Oklahoma University Medical Center in Oklahoma City, this episode of Special Delivery details the stories of six women facing difficult deliveries.

Victoria Richardson, 26 years old is 27 weeks pregnant and suffers from pregnancy-induced hypertension. Victoria was admitted to the hospital when her blood pressure reached a dangerously high reading. The outcome could cause her baby to have a brain bleed and she could go into renal failure. A C-Section is ordered and Victoria’s son weighs in at just 2lbs 2 oz.

Julie Hanson is 20 years old and is 35 weeks pregnant with her first baby. At seven months, Julie’s baby was diagnosed with a mass around the heart. Doctors discover that the baby’s heart beat pauses every third beat then speeds up. Tests reveal that the baby has a mass in its heart and brain that have been caused by a rare gene that Julie carries.

Shonda Clark, 31years old, is 33 weeks pregnant and is Rh negative. Her baby’s blood is positive. Mom has had blood transfusions during pregnancy to help the baby’s anemic condition. The baby has to be delivered due to mom and baby’s blood incompatibility.

Janet Detels, age 22, is 36 weeks pregnant. When she was 20 weeks pregnant, they discovered that her baby had a mass on its lung which could displace the baby’s heart.

Courtney Cook, age 23, is 38 weeks pregnant and has a history of delivering large babies. The risk in having a large baby can lead to neurological damage caused from the baby getting stuck in the birthing process.

Lora Wickes, age 26 is 36 weeks pregnant and has a rare antibody syndrome causing a clotting disorder. She has had three miscarriages and one of them was due to this clotting disorder. This risk can cause clots in Lora’s placenta and is compounded by the fact that she also has kidney stones and gestational diabetes.

Special Delivery is produced by LMNO Cable Group, Inc. for Discovery Health. Eric Schotz and Bob Niemack are Executive Producers.