Babies: Special Delivery Episode 105 / Against All Odds

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Every day, almost 11,000 babies are born in the United States. That's one every 8-seconds. But every three-and-a-half minutes, a baby is born with complications. From the very minor to the most serious, multiple births, pre-term births, low birth weights, and a variety of birth defects affect the delivery and health of more experiences pregnancy complications. These cases require Special Delivery.

Special Delivery is a series of forty-six one-hour multi-segment documentary-style programs that will explore the drama of real-life pregnancies and the moment of delivery.

This episode was shot inside Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Mother and Child Hospital in Denver, Colorado. In excess of 2000 babies are delivered here each year. More than 500 pregnant women are transported to St. Luke’s from a 5-state area because it houses the largest neonatal-intensive care unit in the region. One of these women is Ashley Morgan. Her water broke three months early and today she delivered a one-pound preemie who is struggling to live. Michelle and Chris Jamarillo are about to have a baby diagnosed in-utero with a rare blood disorder that affects only one in 10,000 births. Jennifer Poulson is carrying ‘mo-mo twins’: two babies in one amniotic sac whose umbilical cords are twisted together threatening the safe delivery of both babies. Amanda Hewitt has been going in and out of labor since her sixth month of pregnancy and today she prematurely delivered a baby weighing just 3 pounds.

Special Delivery is produced by LMNO Cable Group, Inc. for Discovery Health. Eric Schotz and Bob Niemack are Executive Producers.