About Us

Kazmark Entertainment Group was founded in 1993 by Jeff Kazmark, a veteran of the television station sales and syndication business, and Paula Ely, a television contract and distribution executive. The company was formed as a production and distribution business. As part of the distribution side of its operations, the company served as partner with Young & Rubicam in its television credit line business, which became known as the Kazmark Television Credit Line Agreement.

Today, the company’s primary focus is its relationships with the major advertising agency groups Omnicom Media Group and Group M in this agreement between top-50 market television stations around the country and the media buying agencies. Participants in the credit line agreement include all television companies and key agency clients. Kazmark Entertainment Group has now contracted with more than 100 stations as participants in the agreement and provides programming to those stations as part of the deal.

Over the course of the last 16 years, Kazmark Entertainment Group has packaged and sold a number of film and television projects for both the domestic and international markets, including as a representative of Carolco Pictures and LIVE Entertainment. The company is also involved in film production through its subsidiary Springbok Films. Kazmark was an Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary short film “Merry Christmas, Baby!” as well as the improvised comedy “The Enigma With A Stigma.” In 2003, Paula Ely produced and directed the documentary film “ Vanishing Cultures: Bushmen of the Kalahari” for Springbok Films in association with the Tribal Trust Foundation. “Vanishing Cultures” received several awards on the international film festival circuit and is being distributed internationally.

Kazmark Entertainment Group is a California Corporation based in Los Angeles.